Nut-Free Policy

Branded Bites is a nut-free facility. We do not use nuts in any of our products and will not bring any nuts or nut products into our facility. Having said this, we cannot control everyone or everything that comes into contact with our products. Although highly unlikely, it is always possible that products and ingredients coming into our facility have come into contact with nuts during delivery or in a previous warehouse. Our products have been brought into schools and served to children with known nut allergies safely. There are no guarantees but we do take all reasonable precautions to eliminate any possible cross-contamination with nuts or nut products. 

Satisfaction Guarantee

What happens when we're not perfect? (C'mon, we all know it's a pretty rare thing) Simple - we will work with you to replace product and redo an order, provide a discount, or even a full refund. Each situation is different and we promise to work with you to solve any and all issues. We believe in our service and our product enough that we can guarantee we will satisfy your concerns, or your money back!

Fine Print: We cannot always control shipping delays when using a common carrier. We will still work with you and do anything we can to keep you happy, but cannot guarantee a full refund in the event of shipping delays outside of our control.