What makes putting your brand on a cookie so, well, sweet?


Posted Oct 6, 2015

A question we sometimes get asked is ‘Why would I want to hand out something edible if my guests are just going to eat it up? There won’t be a lasting impact.”

Here’s what I think:

Have you ever really enjoyed getting a pen or magnet with a company’s logo on it? Personally I have a drawer where all my pens go to live out a dark and lonely life. I couldn’t name one brand name on them if I tried.

We’re in the business of making branded edible products that your customer’s will love – and want!

Here’s why:

  1. It looks great. Our pixel perfect print quality will get you a beautiful edible product that has a lasting impact.
  2. It tastes great. You just gave someone a delicious treat they will savour! That great taste is going to have a positive connection to your brand.
  3. It’s unique. Be the one to stand out by giving your clients/guests something that will make them happy. Cookies make everyone happy.

So next time you’re debating what to put your logo on at your next trade show or event, think about all those lonely pens, and then think about cookies… and then give us a call

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