Customer service… Why it is failing and how we do it different!

4 cookie smash 2

Posted Oct 5, 2015

4 cookie smash 2
“Thank you for being a valued customer… blah, blah, blah…”

Sounds like another well thought out “Customer Service” greeting as you call into any number of companies for your various needs. I certainly don’t need to go into the aftermath of this one-liner for your memory to rekindle the frustrations of your latest call into customer service.  Unfortunately this is an all too common experience for everyone as companies try to communicate with their clients.

Customer Experience vs. Customer Service

As a consumer there seems to be a growing disconnect from companies, both big and small, that I interact with.  Many companies are desperately trying to improve customer service, thinking it will help the customer experience and satisfaction.    Employees talk highly of their customer focus and devotion to customer service.  Larger companies hire huge teams of people devoted solely to this one task, improve websites, and start using social media and other inventive tools, and yet no real improvement results.  Customer service has become a buzzword that is talked about in meetings and corporate philosophies.  This push may translate into ever so slightly more enjoyable phone calls, but I don’t find they actually improve the final customer experience.

In my mind this comes from a huge misconception between customer service and customer experience.

What is good customer service?

At Branded Bites we have had lots of discussion about this topic lately and realized that it is just too easy for many companies to leave their clients with an acceptable, but definitely not great experience.  When service falters enough to spark a concern the customer service team is ready to step in and help… typically with one arm tied behind their back from corporate policy.

As an admirer of many great companies I am continually on the lookout for what creates a great customer experience.  You can read stories about Morton’s delivering a steak at an airport in response to a tweet or United Airlines delaying a flight for a passenger rushing to his sick mother’s bed.  These examples are shining displays of great customer service but are in no way the only ways to show you care as a company.  In fact, to me this is not the most effective way by any means….

How do we do it here?

As with any company we are a collection of people devoted to what we do.  More than anything else we credit our excellent customer service to our Production team.  Yes, the people that actually design and make our product – not the people on the front line.  This small group of people have given up countless personal hours to help fulfill last minute requests, stress about small details in an order, or even redo an entire order when it is not up to our standards!

Whether it is a last minute call of desperation or the prospect of delivering something that isn’t perfect we just can’t say no to putting in that extra time for our clients.  From Jeanette pulling multiple all-nighters (we have truly lost count), to Jessica missing her own Anniversary celebration there have been plenty of personal sacrifices.

It is our philosophy at Branded Bites that great customer service is providing our services with absolute perfection and dedication.  Anything less and we have failed in our goals.  Customer service here starts with our core product and ends with our front line sales and support staff, not the other way around!

I attribute our success at Branded Bites to this philosophy and our dedicated team of staff who truly care about each and every item that leaves our bakery.  It is why we see over half of our clients come back for repeat orders and why they look forward to receiving our cookies and chocolates every time.

This level of care to our core product is getting harder and harder to find as companies simply try to provide a service and collect their fee.  I can promise you that when you place an order with Branded Bites every single cookie is taken cake of whether it is for an order of 50 or 5,000.

We hope to hear from you soon!



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